Connect 2 Play Kid's Activity Table - 2 Panel Kit

SKU: C2P2X400X $42.50
Creative Solutions new Kid's Activity Table 2 Panel Kit provides 8 Square Feet of surface area. We call it the Connect 2 Play because its so easy to put together. The Connect 2 Play tables are modular which allows for multiple kits to be added together and assembled to the size of your imagination.No tools or fasteners needed but strong and durable. Constructed from High Density Polypropolene material, all parts are double walled design (same as all of your favorite outdoor kids toys). Great for children activities such as games, puzzles, drawing, race tracks, train sets etc... Use for tea parties or as snack tables. Its weatherproof so you can use outdoors also. Easy to clean. Easy disassembly for storage. Take on trips and vacations. 21 inches tall and this 2 Panel kit provides a 24 inch x 48 inch surface when fully assembled. Product weight = 16 lbs. * Made in the USA! *